Ongoing environmental and social changes, such as climate change, population shifts, and globalization, force us to seriously consider the dilemmas of sustainability: How can communities develop their human and natural resources, while at the same time ensuring long-term viability? The Sustainability Scholars Forum is a research working group, sponsored by the Humanities Center at Wayne State University, that is focused on investigating and promoting sustainability in the U.S. and beyond, noting the complex intersections of environmental, social, economic, and cultural themes.

Source: CBS News

Our 2nd annual event, on Friday, September 9, 1.45-4 pm at the Undergraduate Library, includes a Research Showcase of some cutting-edge social science research at WSU on sustainability, and a candid Conversation with Curt Guyette, the award-winning Investigative Reporter at ACLU Michigan, who helped uncover the ongoing Flint water contamination crisis.

Admission is free and open to the public and WSU community.

If you’re on @Twitter, tweet about and with us with the hashtag #SSF16


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