Also happening Sep. 11: Culture Lab Detroit’s “Designing for Today’s Urban Landscape” Dialogue Series

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Even as we’ll be meeting for the “Social Institutions and Sustainability” symposium, Culture Lab Detroit will be hosting its Dialogue series, on the theme of “Greening the City.” From it’s website:

Culture Lab Detroit fosters conversations and collaborations between Detroit and the international design community. Through public discussions, exhibitions, public art projects, and creative partnerships, Culture Lab Detroit explores the vital role of culture in the mindful regeneration of the city. Jane Schulak founded the organization in 2013, in partnership with the Detroit Creative Corridor Center and the College for Creative Studies.

The Sep. 11 event on “Designing for Today’s Urban Landscape,” will be at 6.30 pm, at the Detroit Institute of Art, just off Wayne State University’s campus, about a 10 minute walk from the McGregor Center, where the evening reception will be held. So, in case you’re hungry for more sustainability fare after the symposium and reception, you can saunter across to the DIA.


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