Map: Symposium Venues and Parking for Detroit Visitors

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The map below should help visitors to Wayne State University’s Midtown Detroit campus navigate their way around, during the symposium. The walking distance between the David Adamany Undergraduate Library (where the Community Room and Special Collections Room are located on the third floor, for the symposium sessions) and the McGregor Memorial Conference Center (where the evening reception will be held, at Room J on the second floor) is less than 5 minutes, along Gullen Mall. (See buildings marked with blue squares.)

Please click map for larger version
Please click map for larger version

The closest parking structures that offer visitor parking are Structures 2, 5, and 6. (See marked in red ovals.) Structure 6 is easily accessible from Cass Ave. or Woodward Ave.; Structures 2 and 5 are accessible from the John C. Lodge Service Drive or Third Street (both off W. Warren Ave.). Visitor parking in the structures costs $7 for the whole day.


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