Details on Presentation Formats

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Format for Sessions 1 and 2: “Conventional”

Each presenter should prepare a talk for 12 minutes. Audio-visual equipment will be provided. After all presentations in the session are complete, a joint question-and-answer (Q&A) panel will be fielded, lasting for around 30 minutes.

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Format for Session 3: “Interactive/Poster”

Presenters are invited to use an interactive and/or poster format to showcase their work. At the session’s start, each presenter will briefly highlight his/her work in 5 minutes. After these oral highlights, the audience will circulate among the different interactive/poster displays to engage in more detail with the presenters about their work. Each presenter will be provided easels and foamcore frames for their poster to be displayed (clips/pins will also be provided). The easels and foamcore frames can support posters up to 24″ X 36″ (maximum size). Presenters may also integrate audio-visual and other interactive elements (e.g., music, video clips, audio recordings, maps). Sockets for charging devices will be available.


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